Step #1

I understand what your business is, what you need from a website and your expectations. We can either chat over phone & Skype or just email & text if you’d prefer. If you have websites you’d like me to take inspiration from, this is the time to share those.

Step #2

At this stage we start to finalise what is you need and overall look and feel of the site. I fully understand that exact features (either front or backend) might not be clear until you have a tangible website to play with, but it’s important to get a grasp on the majority.

Step #3

We agree pricing, sign a contract and I take 50% deposit. I then create the ‘first draft’ of the site offline (this allows me to work quicker). At this point I will ask you to sign up for a hosting account. I will guide you through the process (it’s really easy), but I think it’s important that you have full ownership and access to the site once I’ve delivered it.

Step #4

I transfer the first draft to your new hosting for review. Once you’re happy we’re on the right lines, I’ll crack on and build the rest. I leave placeholder text throughout the website and will either guide you through how to edit and update this, or I can input it for you.

Step #5

Your new website is complete! I allow for revisions throughout and don’t have a cap or anything on that. It’s important we have an end product that we’re both happy with and genuinely proud of.